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Thursday, 15 August 2019

How To Handle Negative People

Finding your way through all the ups and downs in life, as well as trying to be happy and positive can be challenging at times. Especially when there are people around you who either constantly mean to you that their presence makes it difficult for you to even breathe.
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We are not suggesting that they are wrong for you. They may have some problems of their own, they may also be ill, or want someone whom they can get out of their anger. Some people need you, but there is another set of people who will be moody, hurtful, negative. They will make you a victim of their mood, they will intimidate you by manipulating them into thinking that you are doing something wrong when you are not supporting them. They will always prioritize their needs over you, and this is exactly the kind of negative behavior you have to stay away from.

Set your limits and stop pretending that what they are doing is okay. You need to tell them where they are going wrong and where they are trying to expect a lot from you. Set the limits of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to you. Make sure you send them a clear message. Under any circumstances, do not try to negotiate or adapt after setting your boundaries.

Do not take their behavior personally and doubt yourself. Once you discover that a person is negative, everything they say to you about your shortcomings should not bother you because it is not your fault; This is how they want you and you don't want someone who changes according to someone else. Make sure you are not always available to them. Do the things that you like, go to the places you imagine and let them be a part of it from time to time so that they can come out of their negative behavior. And, if not, you need to understand that you have put in enough effort to improve things for them.

Negative people can also make a good day miserable for you. Make sure you know that it is time for you to distance yourself from them and their negative actions.

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