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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Best Homemade Tips For Long and Silky Hair

Everyone loves their hair. There is no doubt that all use different types of shampoos, conditioners, and oils for their hair care. Of course, it is not bad to use all these products, but excessive use of them causes the hair to lose its shine. The hair begins to break dry and lifeless. To avoid this, some people change hair products, then some start taking medicines for hair health, but we would advise you to try home remedies.
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These home remedies, made from the things used in everyday life, are not only natural and safe but are also very cheap compared to the expensive hair products available in the market.

Try these tips to make your hair soft, shiny and long

Massage with coconut / olive oil
You can take coconut or olive oil as per your choice. Heat the oil slightly lukewarm and apply on the scalp and hair. After this, massage the scalp and hair with light hands for about 15 minutes. After massaging, squeeze the towel in hot water and cover the hair with it. After half an hour wash your hair with good shampoo and then do not forget to do conditioner.

If you are thinking about how to silky your hair, then use yogurt. Yogurt has properties like Vitamin-A and D, which help hair grow. The use of yogurt strengthens the hair from the roots and gives them shine. Yogurt has been considered a natural conditioner. With its use, the problem of dandruff is also eliminated.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is beneficial for the skin as well as hair. It contains amino acids and proteolytic enzymes. Due to these properties aloe vera strengthen hair from the roots and gives them a chance to grow. Aloe vera also has antiseptic and antifungal properties, which protects the hair from dandruff and gives a silky look.

Onion juice
Chop onions into small pieces, and extract their juice. Now mix this juice in lavender oil and apply it to the hair roots. When it is completely applied to the scalp, gently massage the scalp for about five minutes with hands. After about 15 minutes shampoo the hair.

Put coconut oil and neem leaves paste in a vessel. When both these ingredients are well mixed, then boil them for about five-ten minutes. Then filter it when it cools down. In this way, your neem oil will be ready. Now apply this oil on your hair and massage it with light hands. After about an hour, shampoo your hair and then wipe it with conditioner. For better results, apply neem oil before bed at night and shampoo it the next morning.

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