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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Best Skin Care Tips For Monsoon

In many parts of the country, monsoon has knocked and people are enjoying rain. This rain has given relief from scorching sunlight but this does not mean that your skin is now safe. Skin needs special care in the rainy season. Monsoon also brings with you many types of skin problems.
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You also need to take special care of skin during this season. Let's give you some tips on skin care for monsoon.

Rain or cold weather does not mean that your skin is safe from the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays. Use every sunscreen to avoid any skin problem.

Make sure you wash your face at least two to three times a day to avoid excess oil and dirt, thus avoiding fungal infections.

To keep your body away from toxics, drink plenty of water so that acne and rash do not come out.

Use domestic or herbal products instead of the beauty products offered in the market.

Make less makeup because it can stop your skin pores, it may break out. If you do makeup, make sure that you clean it well before sleeping.

Avoid eating fried items in monsoons. These can become the cause of acne.

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